The Handbook is structured around 5 modules (an introduction module and 4 educational training content modules). Each Module is composed of 2-3 Units. A module involves 4-5 hours of learning. The programme is accredited with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) status (minimum 20 CPD learning points – Intermediate level) by the RJ4All International Institute.

The e-course consist thematic topics such as restorative justice and other theory of change, Restorative Music: A case study, music education restorative justice, best practices, and ethical leadership with self evaluation, test for continuous professional development certification and RJ4all diversity form. It aims to train professionals working in formal and informal educational settings on how to support young people to address and reduce social marginalisation in their communities.


A desk-based research on national resources (UK, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Turkey) in order to briefly present integration methods for disadvantaged pupils upon the restorative justice values of power sharing, equality, dignity including policies, legislations, good practices, to identify gaps and issues in existing practices, focusing on educators’ trainings.


Restorative Justice