Face-to-face Training Programme 

This training involves developing and testing an innovative training programme that will teach professionals/volunteers in schools and informal educational settings how to support pupils and young people to become Young Music Mentors focusing on addressing social marginalisation.

Training Programme

RRME E-Course

The E-course is broken down into three component parts. The first of which will be the development of an accredited e-course for professionals and volunteers working in formal (e.g. school) and informal (e.g. in the community) educational settings. Second, this course will be piloted in the participant countries with a minimum of 20 participants per country, and a further 60 from across Erasmus+ countries. Third, data from the piloting will be collected by each partner and a period of self-evaluation will commence before the data is passed on to the IO leader.


RRME E-book

The E-book will be the culmination of the entire project, bringing together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book that will feature chapters in the participating languages as well as a comparative chapter in English.



Restorative Justice