RJ4all Multiplier event 

Event date and time: 25 November 2022 |9am – 4pm

Location: The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, Parliament Chamber and Queen’s Room, Ashley Building, Middle Temple Lane, London EC4Y 9BT

The Multiplier will take place as a workshop at the second RJ4All Annual International conference aiming to unite cultures, minds and hearts through the values of restorative justice. This international conference brings together some of the world’s leaders to provide evidence-based solutions on four key overlapping themes: Preventing violent youth radicalisation Preventing school exclusion and marginalisation Preventing cyberbullying Preventing and addressing homelessness

Event schedule:

  • Group 1: Headed by the Restoring Respect Through Music Education (RRME)
  • Chaired by Miriam Arntz (RJ4All non-executive director)
  • “Restorative Justice Music: A tool for school cohesion” – Thandiwe Mcina (RJ4All Project Officer)
  • “Peer mediation: empowering youth through RJ in practice” – Dave Walker (Calm Mediation)
  • “Using character education to promote inclusion and reduce school exclusions” – Sarah Noble (Abbey College Cambridge)
  • “Is School Exclusion Justice?” – Yeung Tang (RJ4All Intern)
  • Video presentations from partner organisations
  • “Music for inclusion: insights from Spain” –  Vanessa Pittl (Asociación Caminos)
  • “Learning restoratively through Music Education in Germany” – Sabrina Ibrahim (Afridat)
  • “Restoring Respect through Music Education – implementation in Cyprus” – Alexandra Pambouka (Centre for Social Innovation)

“The enormous power of restorative justice music!” – Sercan Dere (Manisa Ozel Egitim Uygulama Okulu III. Kademe)