Afridat UG alias Afridat is an international development corporation and consulting company established and registered in Bonn, North Rhine Westphalia. Afridat is established by three young scholars and with the support by a group of young intellectuals interested in using research and data to guide policymakers in the decisions of understanding, protecting and developing new ways to manage specific development challenges that evolve with change.
Our overall Focuses are as follows:
• Research, consultancy and advisory services between Europe and African corporate entities.
• Offer capacity building, technical impact assessment, technology transfer and training in order to make better decisions or interventions between Africa and Europe.
• Collaborate in developmental and international cooperation programs.
• Expert Network building of African and European professionals with interest in Europe and Africa.
• Market exploration, sourcing and procurement of equipment or pieces of machinery for European and African companies or corporate organizations.
• Digitization, project branding and dissemination
The organization develops modules used during trainings and knowledge sharing sessions and uses such data to correlate the interplay between linear and nonlinear quantitative and qualitative determinants of economics to shape public discuss, drive policies in the areas of education, migration, energy, information technology, public health and climate change. Our core portfolio in Education, information technology, agriculture and energy are curriculum development, training, developing e-learning platforms, and project management. Survey administration, report development, project design, planning and implementation in opinion poll, migration and climate change. Afridat is recently involved in policy development in some African states and executing awareness training program in Africa to prevent illegal migration from Africa to Europe. Afridat’s has a large network of Non-governmental organizations in Africa through which workshops are executed. Afridat’ s staff consist of 2 executive directors, 3 staffs and 2 interns with 15 experts and trainers in Afridat’s expert network.